Naked Truth of Education System – Behind the corner of Politics

Today is the age of innovation and specialisation. And with this fast moving techno-age, the Indian educational system seems to go nowhere. Though we are aware about the progressive minds of Indian students all over the world, we tend to overlook the fact that most of them find abode abroad in USA or Australia. Let us focus on some stark realities.

Indian education is full of innumerable pages of obsolete, outdated theory with no innovation or any practical work. The eagerly awaited new textbooks have nothing more than flashier cover pages. Moreover no importance is given to co-curricular activities. All bored students who consider studies as an interminable disease and teachers who are victims of disinterest. This also increases suicides among students.It is high time educationists start moving with the times. They need to realize that they can no longer continue to burden the youth with unimaginable pressure and simultaneously provide miniscule encouragement to pursue their creativity. An entirely new approach has to be adopted which focuses upon innovation and practical aspects of education. And the sooner this reform is brought, the better it is for us……. #rbg


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