Greece’s debt crisis make a new twist in R. Rajan world Economic slowdown prediction…

Indian Financial Guru RBI chief had been the ring the bells about the world economy facing the Great Depression. After a day Greece economy clashes over the financial system. Financial market,Banks has been shutdown for week , people has restricted ATM withdrawal at 60 euro.

Its door bell for economic slowdown; if it is then its a new twist in Raghuram Rajan prediction about ‘world economy going to face crisis as 1930. Rajan, who himself has been IMF’s Chief Economist and is among the few to have rightly predicted the financial crisis of 2007, has triggered a debate among policymakers and economists with his warning against central banks globally being pushed into “competitive monetary policy easing”.

Apart from the chief debate if this prediction make again a black spot on global economy then; how does this Greece crisis affect the global financial system?And in the meantime, if another country of euro-zone comes under crisis then it’ll have off the euro-zone economy.

However, Analysis is on prediction things can be change investor can be stay or can be move; no one can challenge what will happen tomorrow.


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